Why do we have to prepare for an interview?

Why do we have to prepare for an interview?

It is told to us that we yourself in interviews because of that sometimes we do not prepare for an interview. This is where we do mistakes. It is correct that we have to be yourself in the interview, but during the interview what we want to say does not come out in the interview. Even to be yourself, we also have to prepare for an interview. Preparing for an interview is required to get selected in an interview sometime not many chances come in front of you. That's Why we should try to give our best to clear the interview.

It is irritating that for a long time you do not get a call. Or 4 or 5 interviews come along, and if the first one does not go well then it might be possible that your other interviews go the same way. Because you do not get time to correct yourself.

Firstly if you have already given some interviews then you know where you went wrong or right. So preparation will help in overcoming those mistakes.

Some common mistakes which are done in an interview are
1) no eye contact
2) nervousness
3) you forgot or do not remember what to speak or how to start on some common questions, Common questions are questions which are asked in almost all interviews
And many more

One more important reason for interview preparation is that during the interview you will be asked some question which you are not expecting, maybe you knew the answer but out of nervousness you give an answer which goes against you. If you come prepared then you will not be worried for common questions and this will increase your confidence. And then during difficult or unexpected questions you can present yourself much better. Saying you don't know is good but not always. For general questions the interviewer does not expect this answer.

Preparation will help in confidence building for the interview. Confidence is one of the key metrics which interviewers look for in a candidate.