What is Self Interview?

What is Self Interview?

Self interview is a tool for preparation for an actual interview, where you give an interview to yourself like an actual video interview and after that analyze yourself what are your mistakes and rectify them. So you practice again and again. So when you give an actual interview or mock interview your mistakes are less.

By rectifying your mistakes, users become more confident to face interviews. Hence self interviews are also confidence boosters.

Why is self interview required?

When we give interviews we don't know how the interviewer interprets the interview. Sometimes we got rejected. So interview preparation is must for success. Mock interviews or peer interviews are 2 other ways to know about feedback for interviews. But both are expensive. Most of the mock interviews are paid interviews. And to get a peer for a mock interview is very difficult and a peer will take your interviews 1 or 2 times. And after their feedback we prepare on these mistakes but how can we be sure that mistakes are corrected. For this we require a self interview.

In feedback from mock or peer interviews we do not want common mistakes like no eye contact or your voice is not clear or you speak so fast or you are giving totally irrelevant answers. We want some specific feedback from mock interviews which we do not know of common interview mistakes. To avoid these mistakes in mock interview self interview helps.

Self interview is not an alternative to mock or peer interviews. It is a tool to evaluate interview preparation before giving mock or actual interviews. It is also a tool for practicing interviews again and again to increase your confidence.

Some people say keep giving interviews and improve yourself and you will get success sooner or later. But In my opinion while doing this you may lose a chance to your dream company or job. So it is always better to prepare beforehand.