How should I prepare to be interviewed?

How should I prepare to be interviewed?

First you have to find out common questions asked in interviews, which are related to your fields. And also prepare a list of general questions such as 'tell me about yourself', 'what are your biggest weaknesses?', 'Why we should hire you?' and so on. Then prepare an answer for each question if it is not technical or solve it.

Then try to prepare using self interview techniques such as speaking in front of a mirror, video recording or self interview preparation apps. Which helps you to find out your mistakes. practice again and again so that your mistakes will be minimized. Self interviews also help in increasing your confidence.

Research about the company where you are going for an interview. It will help you understand the company well and some questions related to the company will be asked.

While preparation also focuses on your body language, your body language plays an important part in an interview.

Preparation helps to ease your nervousness. So it is important to be prepared for interviews.